Window Coverings Malibu

Window Coverings Malibu

Window coverings can impact both the visual and practical features of a room. Your living room can have the most exquisite decor or a gorgeous wall color, but if the windows are bland, then it just won’t look right. Window coverings enhance the ambiance of the area. In Malibu and its surrounding areas, the best window coverings Malibu provider is Malibu Reupholstery.

Running on its third decade in the industry, Malibu Reupholstery provides topnotch upholstery and window services. Our team is composed of the best local upholsterers, design experts, fabric consultants and customer representatives. We work hand-in-hand to deliver what you, our customers, need.

window coverings Malibu

There’s a lot of work done when a home or a business space is renovated or redesigned. Most home and business owners focus on central elements like furniture pieces, accent decor, and the wall. Surprisingly, windows and doors are often overlooked. But this shouldn’t be the case. Windows – as well as window coverings – play a huge role in beautifying a room. When you hang the right covers, the windows can actually turn into a focal point of the space.

There are several types of window coverings available for different kinds of windows. These covers can be installed, hanged, hooked, or even upholstered to the windows. They mainly provide a practical purpose, but also deliver a visual appeal. The most common types of window coverings are curtains, blinds, shades, and shutters. Each type can regulate sun exposure in a room. They also can provide a degree of privacy.

Now, before choosing the right window cover for your home, it’s imperative you contemplate a number of design features. These will help you determine which cover truly suits your needs and your lifestyle. Part of our window coverings Malibu services is to give you information about these factors. Let me give you a summary of the information you can get from our window experts.

The purpose. When deciding on the ideal window covering for your home, its function should be a priority. As I mentioned above, each window cover is designed to serve a specific purpose. Why do you need a window covering? If your purpose is to block the sunlight from entering a room, then a cover made of thick fabric is an excellent choice. If you’re opting for some much-needed privacy, then you can go for window blinds. If you want coverings that are elegant, sheer drapes are your best option. If you have high windows, automated blinds will best suit your purpose.

A window expert from Malibu Reupholstery can visit your home to check your windows. It’s one of the reasons why our window coverings Malibu service is sought-after in LA. We’ll help you figure out what you really need from your window coverings so we can customize it for you.

The room “personality.” The room where you’ll put the covers is significant. An ideal covering for the kitchen windows is likely not that perfect for the bathroom. The kitchen requires a window cover that allows plenty of light to come in, while the bathroom needs drapes that offer privacy. The style of the coverings in your kid’s room is perhaps not the one you’d like to put in the living room. In a kid’s bedroom, the curtains can be fun and funky. Draperies in the living room require a more versatile style since everyone in the household “owns” the area.

Functionality aside, it’s also important to assess the interior design of the room. If your dining room has a rustic feel to it, a sheer, pinkish drape is definitely not the covering you need. If you have a cozy, girly bedroom, wood blinds can clash with the theme of the area. Your window covering should aid in forming the room’s cohesive and fluid interior design.

The window itself. It’s impossible to choose the best covering if you don’t consider the windows.  The size and shape of the windows have a significant impact in determining the treatment you should choose. Are the windows big enough to draw instant attention from anyone who enters the area? Is there a gorgeous view outside? Do you wish to make the windows appear smaller than their actual size? How do you want others to see your windows? The answers to these questions will help you choose the ideal windows covering.

Also, not all windows are square or rectangle. Some are circular. Others are even oddly shaped. As such, it’s better to get a customized cover that will accurately fit the actual shape of the windows. One of our top-rated window coverings Malibu services is customization. We measure the oddly-shaped windows and create personalized covers to fit the unconventional frames.

The current state of the room. Window coverings should complement the theme or mood you want the room to have. It also needs to go well with the other room decor. For instance, if you’re aiming for a vintage vibe, you can choose a combination of drapes and valances to create an old-fashioned atmosphere. Choosing blinds made of hard wood or metal can kill the vintage vibe you’re going for. The covers should also match the color palette of the room. It’s important to choose a complementing shade so the covers won’t appear out of place.

The level of maintenance. Unlike sweeping the floor, cleaning windows is rarely part of the usual day-to-day household chores. Some homeowners only schedule window maintenance once a month. If you have a hectic work and social life, it pays to choose a covering that is low-maintenance. Different window coverings require different cleaning methods. Some covers are easier to clean while others take a while to remove all the dust and grime. Share your cleaning schedule with our window experts so they can narrow down the materials that fit your maintenance calendar.

The budget. The cost of window coverings ranges from budget-friendly to steep. The price will really depend on the materials used to make the covers.

But regardless of your budget, you’ll find a fit with our window coverings Malibu services.

Like furniture upholstery, window covers are necessary for practical and visual aspects of a room. Malibu Reupholstery has been delivering topnotch window services since the 1980s. We’ve now mastered the art, so I can guarantee that whatever needs you have, we can deliver. We’ll not just put to life the concept you have in mind. We’ll also refine it so you’ll have the best window covers in your neighborhood.

Malibu Reupholstery provides high-quality window coverings Malibu services for both residential and commercial buildings. For more inquiries and estimates, call us at (310) 317-0000 or send us an email at

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