Roman Shades Upholstery Malibu

Roman Shades Upholstery Malibu

Our Roman shades upholstery Malibu service gives home and business owners a chance to let their windows shine. When it comes to sprucing up our homes, there are certain things we get excited about, and then there are others we think little of. Window treatments tend to belong to the things we overlook. But the thing is, windows can be as stunning as any focal decoration of a room. If you choose the right window treatment, your windows can actually turn into the room’s main decor.

Roman shades upholstery Malibu


Here at Malibu Reupholstery, our Roman shades upholstery Malibu service is one of the most sought-after in the area. We offer a ton of window treatments, but Roman shades are almost always the top choice of homeowners, and for good reasons. Roman shades are gorgeous, especially when they are tailor-made. Our streamlined Roman shades are created using top-quality drapery materials. We also use sophisticated pieces of machinery to make them comfortable and safe to use.


Roman shades are popular not just because they look good. Homeowners choose them because the shades simultaneously provide visual aesthetics and practical use. They can save you tons of money because they’re energy-efficient. Style-wise, Roman shades can be as contemporary or as traditional as you want. Our Roman shades upholstery Malibu service guarantees that you collaborate with our experts so we can deliver the treatment that you truly want. After all, every part of your home is a reflection of who you are – and that includes your windows.


So, why choose Roman shades over other window treatments? Let me give you a rundown of what you can get from this particular window covering.


For one thing, Roman shades help you cut back on energy costs. Our window experts are proficient in creating different kinds of Roman shades to suit the needs of our clients. We use different materials and fabrics. We mix and match. But there’s one common trend on every Roman shade we make. And that’s to create them to create a cost-effective solution in mind, energy-wise. Roman shades can be customized using lightproof materials to effectively reduce the amount of sun that enters the room. They can also function as insulators to keep the heat indoors during the winter season.


Second, Roman shades are practically made in every style or form. Our esteemed designers can attest to the fact that when it comes to Roman shades, the design options are endless. Even if you want insulating fabrics, we can offer you a wealth of choices in textiles and materials. If your rooms at home have specific themes, our Roman shades upholstery Malibu service can match each concept. This way, there’s cohesiveness and fluidity in design.


Third, roman shades are also abundant in style. As I mentioned above, this treatment can be used in modern or traditional home interiors. They can even fit in homes with minimal design and futuristic styles. It’s arguably the most flexible window treatment in terms of style. If you’re going for a casual look, we can make them retract into a bundle when pulled up. If you want contemporary, we can incorporate wood slats, so they stack up neatly. The great thing about our Roman shades upholstery Malibu service is that whatever style you want, we deliver it on both visual and functional aspects.


Fourth, Roman shades are ideal for any room. Other window treatments are only great in specific areas around the house. But not Roman shades. This window treatment can be installed in the living room, in the dining room, in bedrooms, in the home library, in the bathroom, and even in the kitchen. Roman shades are versatile. They fit anywhere, so if you’re aiming for one cohesive theme for the entire house, your Roman shades can be that common denominator among all the rooms in your home.


Our Roman shades upholstery Malibu service is also known in California for customization. You don’t have to worry if you barely know a thing about Roman shades – or window treatments in general, for that matter. We have customer reps who can give you all the information you need to make a sound decision. Our Malibu Reupholstery window experts will closely work with you so we can hit the bull’s eye on what you need. We also consider your lifestyle and what fits it the most.


Do you have children? Do you have pets? How often do you clean your windows? Do you hire professional cleaners or do you do the cleaning yourself? The answers to these questions and more will help us determine the kind of Roman shades that will make your home beautiful and put your life at ease.


We’ve been providing this service for more than three decades now. Malibu Reupholstery has become the go-to furniture and window upholstery service provider in the Bu and its surrounding areas.

Our Roman shades upholstery Malibu service is but one of the many topnotch services we provide for both home and business owners.


We deliver tailored design proficiency. We guarantee this by closely collaborating with our clients. We’ll encourage you to participate in the design process. I’ve encountered clients in the past who – in the beginning – would say, Its up to you. You guys are the experts. And while the second part is right, the first one isn’t the case. Our collaboration with you will not just ensure that we get the job right, but will also make you feel that you have something that is uniquely yours. So, when you present your gorgeous Roman shades to your guests, you can proudly say that you had a hand in making them. It’ll bring you a sense of pride for your home.


If you’re from Malibu or the surrounding areas, get the best Roman shades upholstery Malibu service from the experts. That’s us, Malibu Reupholstery. We provide free estimates, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us at (310) 317-0000 or email us at We’ll wait for your call!

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