Custom Drapes Malibu

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Custom Drapes Malibu

Putting up custom drapes is an excellent opportunity to showcase a room’s interior design and architecture. Drapes can also let the natural light filter through the room. Now, if you prefer darkness, they can completely block out the light, too. Custom-made draperies also have a touch of elegance in them. It’s no wonder our custom drapes Malibu service is one of Malibu Reupholstery’s coveted packages.

California is known for its huge, gorgeous houses. Customized everything is always in demand. We know that for a fact since Malibu Reupholstery has been in the business for over three decades now. One of the top products we’ve been delivering all these years are customized drapes, and for good reasons.

Custom Drapes Malibu

One, anything tailor-made is better than off-the-rack items. When you choose custom drapes, you get a window treatment that 100% fits your windows. This means, there’s no tackiness, no untidiness, and no cheapness in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Another thing is that you get to customize the drapes based on your preference. When you buy curtains at a retail shop, it’s guaranteed that another household has the same drapes you bought. But, with our custom drapes Malibu service, you have the assurance that the design of your curtains is exclusively yours.

Malibu Reupholstery provides topnotch custom drapes Malibu services, among others. We have design experts and fabric consultants to guide you in customizing your window covers. Whatever style or concept you have in mind, we can handle it. We’ll even refine it to make it better. When you work with our team, you’ll also have access to our library of fabrics. It’s a library like no other. It houses thousands of materials for upholstering furniture, window treatments and covers, and even furniture restorations. We have fabrics in every style, color, pattern, and form. Inside the library is a vast collection of drapery hardware to fit any window treatment style our clients need.

We offer a variety of custom drapes Malibu services. However, there are four types that majority of our clients recommend to others. Let me give you a rundown of these services.

The pleated drapes. For classic and traditional looks, pleated drapes always rank the highest. The great thing about these drapes is they’re versatile. They don’t just look good in a vintage-themed room. They also work well in contemporary-designed rooms. The key to beautiful customized pleated drapes is the right fabric. Our fabric consultants who have years of experience under their belt can help you figure out the best pleated drape fabric that will match your room.

The panel drapes. If you’re thinking of customized drapes that are straightforward and no-fuss, then your best option is the panel drapes. They are minimalist. They’re usually just hung on decorative curtain rods. But even if they’re “simple,” they also pack a mean punch, design-wise. If you have gorgeous windows, with the right fabric, panel drapes can further showcase the frames. If you have plain windows, again, with the right fabric, the panel drapes can enhance the look of the frames.

The rod pocket drapes. Another versatile and classic option you have are the rod pocket drapes. These draperies are exceptionally appealing when made with sheer fabrics. They are also flexible in terms of style accompaniments since they work well with any design or décor.

The tie-and-tab top drapes. As the name implies, this type of drapes is typically tied on decorative curtain rods. They are the easiest to customize in terms of decorative hardware like trims and buttons. You can also experiment with the width and spacing of each tab.

The four popular types of personalized draperies above aren’t just the ones in high demand from our clients. We also provide relatively new custom drapes Malibu services, such as:

The power-saving drapes. This is the one that truly is tailor-made from top to bottom. Power-saving drapes are window covers made from unique materials to sustain steady home temperature. Even the tightest of windows suffer from temperature expulsion. Heat and cold escape sealed windows. The power-saving drapes prevent either temperature from escaping the house. The steady flow of the same temperature will eventually save you a lot of money on electric bills. Our library of fabrics houses unique materials and insulators perfect for this type of draperies.

The water-resistant drapes. Another type of custom-made window covers that is gaining popularity in California are the water-resistant drapes. We highly recommend this kind for homeowners with children and pets. Toddlers and animals don’t care much for inanimate objects like drapes. To protect your window covers (without also harming the little people and pets), a water-resistant cover is something you should consider.

The medically-approved drapes. Part of our custom drapes Malibu service is to make sure the fabrics used in making your window covers are safe for you and your family. There are beautiful fabrics that trigger allergic reactions or respiratory conditions. You can consult with our fabric experts to identify which materials are better to use if someone in the household is allergic to dust or has asthma.

Malibu Reupholstery has been the go-to windows service provider in Malibu and its surrounding areas for decades now. We pay attention to details, and we emphasize privacy. Homeowners buy drapes to protect their home and the people in it. You wouldn’t want a stranger to see whatever is happening inside your home, right? Privacy is our thing. We can custom-made drapes that have special linings to obscure the shadows from the sun.

With our custom drapes Malibu service, you can save time, money and resources.

You may think that buying ready-made draperies is a more economical choice, but this isn’t always the case. Off-the-rack drapes may be less expensive, but you can’t actually guarantee their quality. Whereas if you opt for custom-made drapes, you don’t just get your money’s worth. You can also be assured you can use the covers for a long, long time.

Make your home a place of beauty with customized draperies. Call us at (310) 317-0000 or email us at for more details.


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