Upholstery Malibu

Upholstery Malibu

Upholstery Malibu

Every homeowner wants to have a nice, cozy home. One of the reasons people work hard is to own beautiful pieces of furniture to add beauty to their homes. It’s no wonder the demand for furniture upholstery is high, particularly in California. Home and business owners in Malibu now realize the many benefits of upholstery. If you’re one of these folks, the best place to acquire upholstery Malibu services is at Malibu Reupholstery.


There’s always an urge to buy new furniture pieces, especially if you’re doing a complete home renovation. But ready-made furniture pieces aren’t always the best choice. For one, brand new, high-quality pieces tend to be more expensive. For another, the budget-friendly pieces you find at retail shops are typically mass produced by underpaid workers from halfway around the world. In both scenarios, you’d never know what you’re actually getting until bring the furniture home. This is not the case with upholstery.Upholstery Malibu


The upholstery Malibu services we provide at Malibu Reupholstery is sought after in California. We have a team of seasoned upholsterers, design experts, fabric consultants, and customer representatives working together to deliver what our clients need. We handle residential and commercial upholstery services. We also work on furniture restoration and window treatments. Over the years, Malibu Reupholstery has established itself as an expert on anything related to upholstery Malibu services. In this industry, experience has an enormous impact on delivering the best customer service – and we got that in spades.


So, why should you choose furniture upholstery over buying a new one? Let me share with you what I often tell hesitant homeowners about the benefits of our upholstery Malibu services.


First of all, upholstery keeps the integrity of the furniture. When you have a chair or a table that still has a sturdy frame, you don’t have to discard it away. Don’t let the outer wear and tear you see on the furniture be the center of it. The most important parts of the furnishing are inside. Upholstering an aging piece of furniture will bring it back to life. This way, you don’t have to shell out tons of money on new furnishings. You also save time since you no longer need to hop from one shop to another.


Second, opting for our upholstery Malibu service means keeping the sweet memories connected to your furniture. If you’ve had it for years, a chair isn’t just a chair anymore. It has become a part of your home and your life. It has been with you through the good and the bad. Maybe it’s the chair you sat on when you finally cleared your student loan. Or perhaps it’s where you were seated when you found out you’re pregnant. There are memories attached to furniture pieces. And when you throw them away, it will feel like you’re also discarding all those memories. Well, we can’t have that. With upholstery, we can revive your aging chair. It will look brand new, but underneath, you’ll still have the tangible proof of those memories.


Third, upholstery lets you update the look and feel of your favorite furniture. If the only reason you want to shop for new furniture pieces is to match everything with your new home decor, then stop on your tracks for a bit. You can actually get that with our upholstery Malibu services. With our vast library of fabrics, you’ll have thousands of materials at your disposal. Our fabric experts can help you narrow down you choices and eventually choose the ideal fabric to match whatever theme you have. We can even take it a bit further. You can get customized slipcovers for your tables and chairs. This way, you can just quickly change covers to match the season or your new decor.


Fourth, upholstery saves you a lot of time and money. Buying new furniture pieces can put a huge dent on your savings. This applies in particular if you go all the way, like if you’re buying entire furniture sets. While it’s nice to have expensive, brand new pieces, it’s also not the most practical path to take.


Also, deciding on what to buy takes a while. It rarely happens that you find the pieces you love from a single store visit. Furniture shopping usually takes several trips to several furniture shops. But then again, that’s something you won’t have to go through when you opt for upholstery. Malibu Reupholstery has a work hub and a showroom that we open to the public. You can visit any or both of these places, and you can see how we operate. You’ll also see the many options you have. If you want something unique, our designers can customize a design for you. Unlike shopping, our upholstery Malibu service will save you time and money.


Lastly, upholstered furniture pieces can be customized. As I’ve pointed out, you can add your own personal touch to what we do. In fact, we highly encourage this so that you’ll really feel connected to your furniture pieces. We can customize them by using fabrics, cushions, colors and other elements that you’ve personally chosen.


Upholstered furniture prolongs the life and the sentimental value of the piece so you can pass it on to your children. Pieces of jewelry aren’t just the most precious family heirlooms. Good quality furniture can also be something you can share with your loved ones even after you’re gone.


With our upholstery Malibu services, you can enjoy all these benefits. We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years. Our craftspeople are diligent and passionate about their work. We’ve established the company as a premier upholstery service provider in California because we give extra attention to everything. Our upholsterers pay attention to details. Everything that can be done manually, we do by hand. We also only use materials made in the country and approved by US agencies that handle such matters.


For more inquiries about our upholstery Malibu services, call (310) 317-0000 or send us an email at design@malibureupholstery.com.


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