Custom Drapery Hardware - Malibu Reupholstery
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From finely crafted poles to the finials, brackets, rings and tiebacks that accessory your each window, Malibu Reupholstery gives best the finest in custom drapery hardware.

Providing name manufacturers along with Kirsch, Orion, Decor, and Gali art to call a few, Malibu’s outstanding custom hardware and drapery accessories are to be had in iron, wood, resin, steel, and crystal with motorized and traversing mechanism options.

Custom material hardware in Malibu or any other community in this area can upload fine touches to window treatments that can make already best searching stylistic pieces truly stand out. You could impress visitors with finely crafted poles to the finials, brackets, earrings and tiebacks that accent your each window. For all styles of custom material hardware, Malibu Reupholstery gives simplest the greatest – and the enterprise ensures pleasure with its workmanship. For greater than 30 years, Malibu Reupholstery has outstanding itself by supplying personalized, expert carrier and hands-on design information.

You get a phenomenal selection for custom drapery hardware in Malibu or other localities on this place. Providing name brands consisting of Kirsch, Orion, Decor, and Gali art to name some, Malibu Reupholstery’s tremendous custom hardware and material accessories are available in iron, wooden, resin, steel, and crystal with motorized and traversing mechanism alternatives. Malibu Reupholstery is dedicated to delivering the best quality workmanship in furniture, fabric and features, running closely with its customers, encouraging participation in each aspect of the layout manner.

For custom drapery hardware in Moorpark, Agoura Hills, Malibu or different neighborhoods close by, take advantage of design sources which includes innovative design experts and a relied on workshop. Sought out and used by a number of the region’s distinguished interior designers, our on-site workrooms, expansive showroom and enormous design library are also a valuable useful resource for our clients. This affords you the opportunity to comprehend modern layout trends, compare layout alternatives, and crystallize your design imaginative and prescient for maximum effects. Stop via and pick out your custom material hardware in Malibu or another community nowadays.